My dissertation investigates the implementation of a new company intranet in the context of a merger in the telecommunication industry. It does so by examining how the intranet is set up by Internal Communications and applied in distinct departments and work settings. Relying on theories of practice, it analyses the intranet as accomplished within and through practices. This perspective  undergoes the separation of humans and artefacts by focussing on the mutually constitutive powers of practices and participating artefacts. On a theoretical layer, the study is embedded in the discourse on technologically enabled work practices distinctive to so-called ‘knowledge societies’. It serves as a critical and empirical insight into how knowledge generation coupled with a specific technology enable current work processes.

At present, my research interests involve theories of practice and in particular the theorisation of artefacts, the study of technologies; economic sociology and consumer research; the ethnography of practices across different locales as well as methodological innovations within qualitative research.

Abstract dissertation June 2014

Previous Studies

For my masters thesis, I have investigated the social network platform ‘StudiVZ’ and looked at the ways in which the algorithmic logic of the software shapes people’s ongoing, deliberate activity on the platform. Thereby, an order of mutual control and visibility is established. The work has been supervised by Alberto Toscano and Vikki Bell, both Sociology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London.

My bachelor thesis examined the Goethe Institute St. Petersburg as a spatially distributed organisation in constant ‘cultural contact’: managed in Russia as well as from the distance in Germany, I analysed how the institute brings together different understandings of its objective, a ‘cultural dialogue’, and how this effects the overall collaboration across different departments. The thesis has been supervised by Dirk Baecker, Chair of Cultural Theory and Management, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany.

I have also worked on various consulting projects, dealing amongst others with the phenomenon of ‘Shrinking Cities’ in the the Ruhr area in Germany. This included generating business and policy analyses as well as providing recommendations for the real estate industry.